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2024 Goals

WCI, Inc. is the premier service provider for emissions trading systems in the Americas and facilitates jurisdictional collaboration to enable greater greenhouse gas reductions.

For a decade, WCI, Inc. has executed its Mission to support the collaborative development and implementation of greenhouse gas emissions trading programs. Through the partnership with Participating Jurisdictions, the WCI Carbon Market has grown to become the largest carbon market in North America and is recognized as an effective and cost-efficient model for the implementation of greenhouse gas reduction initiatives that support the fight against climate change.

As we prepare to take on new challenges, the WCI, Inc. 2022-2024 Strategic Plan outlines four major themes that are reflected throughout our activities: 

  • SUPPORT references our mandate to ensure our services meet the needs of our jurisdictions implementing greenhouse gas emissions reduction programs.
  • EXPAND references WCI, Inc.’s push to grow the WCI Carbon Market to further enable a robust market and support emerging programs.
  • INVEST references our dedication to enhance the capabilities of our team.
  • COMMUNICATE references our commitment to increase the visibility of WCI, Inc. and the WCI Carbon Market.

We will accomplish our Mission and Vision by collaborating with our Participating Jurisdictions and partners to provide services that meet the highest quality, security, and sustainability standards. We acknowledge the importance of service delivery and the responsibility that comes with the funding we receive and have aligned these priorities with our goals and objectives. WCI, Inc. will provide regular updates at Board meetings and through its annual reports

Read more about WCI, Inc. 2022-2024 Strategic Plan and our Annual Reports:

Read more about WCI, Inc. 2022-2024 Strategic Plan and our Annual Reports: