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WCI, Inc. is a key enabler in ensuring the success of its Participating Jurisdictions’ greenhouse gas emissions trading programs.

By coordinating support across jurisdictions, WCI, Inc. enables all emissions trading programs to:

  • Be administered at a lower cost than would be possible with independent administration by each jurisdiction.
  • Maintain the highest level of security, while also enhancing market oversight, and providing a framework that can be expanded as more jurisdictions implement their respective programs. 

Greenhouse gas emissions trading stimulates innovation and comport with linkages among the Participating Jurisdictions’ distinct emissions trading programs, resulting in a broader carbon market. The benefits of a larger, linked market:

  • Help reduce emissions at lower costs.
  • Improve market liquidity.
  • Promote market stability.
  • Reduce the risk of carbon leakages.
  • Foster international climate action.

Our Participating Jurisdictions retain all policy control and full oversight authority over their programs. WCI, Inc.’s personnel  carry out the day to day operations of the corporation and provide services as directed by its Board of Directors. WCI, Inc. staff ensure oversight and management of the working groups and contractors who provide technical, professional, and administrative services.

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