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Market Registry

Our centralized market registry is the official record used to issue, transfer, track, and retire compliance instruments in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the Participating Jurisdictions.

The Compliance Instrument Tracking System Service (CITSS) is designed to simplify the participation in the emissions trading program for market participants, jurisdiction staff, and contractors. CITSS is available in English and French, based on each jurisdiction’s needs and provide the following functionalities:

Account Registration and Management

CITSS provides entity and user account registration and management services. Covered entity accounts can accommodate multiple emission sources and facilities. Entity accounts belonging to related businesses are assigned to a corporate association group (CAG), limiting the holding and purchase limits of related entities. Users associated with entity accounts can make transactions in CITSS on behalf of the entity(ies) they represent.

Compliance Instrument Registry 

CITSS facilitates transfer and tracking of compliance instruments – including emissions allowances and offsets – from the point of issuance by a Jurisdiction to ownership and transfer by market participants, and finally compliance retirement by regulated entities. CITSS allows transfers of fungible instruments between linked programs and prevents transactions between unlinked programs. 

Compliance Processes

CITSS calculates compliance obligations for covered entities based on reported emissions. CITSS allows for the retirement of instruments to fulfill an entity compliance obligation at established compliance deadlines. CITSS enables enforcement of compliance obligations in each jurisdiction.

Auction and Reserve Sale Application

CITSS users can submit applications to participate in an auction or reserve sale for the entity they represent.